Sharing With Your Team

Easily share your roadmap with everyone on your team.

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If you're an editor you can share a roadmap with your whole account all at once. To do this, select Everyone at [Your Company Name] from the Share bottom. You can change from No Access to Can View or Can Edit from the dropdown menu.

Editors also have the option to share your roadmap with a specific Team set up by your Account Admin. Account Admins can appoint Team Admins to manage Team settings and members. Basic accounts can have a single team; Professional accounts can have up to three teams, and Enterprise accounts have unlimited teams.

All members on your plan have the potential to view or edit a roadmap depending on their license type and individual roadmap permission. Roadmaps are private until shared.

To Share with your entire account, select the Share dialogue and follow the steps below: 

Note: If you select Edit, only users with an editor’s license will be able to edit the roadmap – doing so will not grant existing viewers edit capabilities. The Account Admin on the account will need to grant an editor license at the account level.

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