Integrating ProductPlan with Jira is typically seamless and easy. In some cases, ProductPlan may have trouble communicating with Jira so we've put together a few things you can try.


Percent Complete




Note: If this is the first time someone on your team is configuring the integration please be sure that a Jira Admin first follows Step 2 in our configuration steps listed here.

Error after Step 2:

"We were unable to connect your Jira application. This could be because you have not configured your Jira application or because your Jira endpoint is not typed correctly. Please try again, or contact support if you are having trouble"

To fix this error, follow these steps:

  1. First, check to be sure that you copied the Incoming Authentication Key in its entirety. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the modal in Jira to see all fields.

  2. If you are still receiving an error message and you can confirm that the Incoming Authentication Key is correct, please be sure to double-check your Jira URL is correct:

Public Key is Invalid:

After entering in the Public Key, you may receive an error message that says:

"ProductPlan" (Generic Application) is not registered as a service provider and "JIRA" (JIRA) cannot make requests using OAuth."

To fix this error, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have admin access to Jira

  2. Double-check that your Jira URL is correct

  3. Be sure that you copied the whole entire Public Key (including the beginning and end certificate).

Percent Complete

Scenario: "My bar in ProductPlan is showing that it is X% complete, but in Jira the epic is 100% complete. I've tried refreshing in ProductPlan and it's still showing X%."

To fix this error, follow these steps:

  1. We use Resolution Field to calculate percent complete, so first be sure that the “Resolution” field is set to a done type state (typically it will be called “Done” but it can have different names). Sometimes the issue is that your team may have configured JIRA in a customized way (e.g. using the Resolution field for something else). If it is, it will be counted towards completion.

    Note: The Status field is not the same as Resolution field and we can calculate Percent Complete based on all Issue Types: (Story, Bug, Task etc. except for Sub-Tasks).

  2. If it's still not updating, check your integrations page. You can set percent complete to Story Points or Number of Stories - please make sure you're mapping to the correct field.


Date Syncing Scenario: “None of my dates are syncing correctly from Jira to ProductPlan.” or “Every time I sync my roadmap the date locks break.”

To fix this error, please check if any of the situations below apply to you and adjust accordingly:

  1. First check to see if your Jira dates are outside the range of the main roadmap timeline date range.

  2. If you change the date mappings on your ProductPlan Integrations page for items currently on your roadmap syncing with Jira then this could break the lock as well.

  3. If the child bars in a container have Jira sync dates that will place them outside the start/end date of the parent container, the child bar(s) date sync lock will be broken and the bars will not move.

  4. If you are working on a roadmap that you are not the owner of, and the roadmap owner does not have Jira dates configured, the sync will not work.

  5. If the roadmap owner imports issues from multiple projects that have different start/end dates then it will only sync dates for the projects that have the same dates as the mapped fields. For items in different projects with different dates it will sync title, description and percent but not dates.


I want to use multiple Jira projects but it's only allowing me to choose one upon configuration?

You can choose more than one Jira project later on, we just need you to choose one to start so you can choose which fields you'd like mapped from Jira to ProductPlan. When importing or syncing, you can then choose multiple projects, and it will only pull those fields that you pre-selected.

I've chosen a project to connect Jira to ProductPlan, why can't I choose "sync now"?

After you have chosen a project, and chosen which fields you want mapped from Jira to ProductPlan, you will then want to Import items into your Parked Section of your Table Layout before you can Sync.

What happens if I import items from Jira or sync items on a roadmap that I am not the owner of?

You do not need to be the owner of a roadmap in order to import or sync with items from Jira. However, keep in mind that we will always use the roadmap’s owners field mappings as the source of truth for the sync.

In some unique cases, your Jira instance may be set up differently than others. So if you find that you are still experiencing issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

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