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Vimeo Integration Overview

Learn how to use our integration with Vimeo

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Integrate ProductPlan with Vimeo to capture a screen recording of your roadmap.

The integration provides you with a way to share an overview of your roadmaps with various stakeholders through asynchronous video communication. You'll be able to highlight specific details within the roadmap and even document specific moments in the roadmap's life cycle.

Even the most detailed roadmaps need context. This integration gives you the ability to record a walkthrough of your roadmaps while providing necessary information to your audience.

To get started, click into the Integrations tab from the lefthand toolbar. You'll then click the Vimeo icon to enable the integration. Once the integration is connected, you can initiate a video recording from the integrations toolbar on any roadmap where you have edit access (seen below).

When initiating a recording, you will have the option to record your screen, your camera or both. If you include your camera, you will need to have the full screen selected rather than an individual tab.

From here, you'll create your screen recording and name the video. You'll then be able to share the recording with viewers by copying the URL after recording. The recording will live in your Vimeo account (if created) and under the Vimeo integration overview page. When sharing your recordings, adding the URL to Roadmap Level Conversations is a quick, easy place to access videos.

Anything that causes a page refresh will stop your video recording. Our best practice is to have another tab open with the necessary information.

You will be able to create two recordings before needing to create a Vimeo account. It is free to create an account and record videos with Vimeo. If you already have a Vimeo login, that will be supported via the ProductPlan integration.

This feature is available to Editors on the Enterprise and Professional plans.

Vimeo Support

For Mac users, the following Vimeo Support Center article provides guidance on how to enable screen sharing for applications: Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Users

Vimeo is supported on Chrome and Edge (Safari will be supported in the upcoming 1.10.10 release)There are no specific condition checks in code on supported browsers, but we advise using within the 10 latest releases of the browser.

To create a free Vimeo account, scroll to the bottom of and select Continue with Basic (seen below).

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