Some ProductPlan integrations include the option to synchronize multiple fields. You can choose to automatically synchronize Percent Complete, Title, and/or Description fields of Bars and Containers. Synchronization will occur once each day or you can manually sync at any time.

To enable syncing on your Roadmaps, go to the Integrations page and select the fields you want to sync. Syncing will replace the field in ProductPlan with the equivalent in the linked application. There is no way to undo this when syncing the Title or Description.

*Note that the syncing options you choose will only affect Roadmaps you own. If you would like to sync Roadmaps that you're an Editor on, you'll need to have the Roadmap owner configure the integration for their Roadmaps.

Percent Complete

Synchronizing percent complete will differ based on the integration you are using. You can read more details here about how percent complete is calculated for each integration.

Synchronizing Title and Description Fields

Syncing the Title and Description fields will replace the data in ProductPlan with the equivalent from your Integration source. There is no way to undo this. If you have Bars or Containers with existing links at the time of synchronization, their data will be replaced. You can sync title and description fields for all of our Integrations except for Slack. 

If you do not want to sync the Title or Description for an individual Bar or Container you can prevent this by going to the Details screen of the Bar and clicking the link next to the field and unlinking it:

Once you’ve configured the integration, you can select which fields you wish to synchronize. You can link multiple issues to a single Bar or Container, but only those with a single link will have their Title or Description updated. 

You can find additional support topics on syncing fields with Jira and Trello in our support base here.

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