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Understand the functionality for Account Admins in ProductPlan.

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Every purchased account includes administration features that make it easy to manage your ProductPlan account.

When you purchase a ProductPlan subscription, you will have access to the Account Settings page.

From here account admins will be able to:

  • Centrally manage the billing for all users using a single credit card

  • Add users to your plan, even those currently on Trial or with an individual license

  • Remove users from your plan (Note: Deleting or removing a user does not reduce the license count on your billing cycle, it simply eliminates that user allowing you to replace them with another user.)

  • Change license type for users to either Editor or Viewer

  • Transfer Roadmaps and Portfolio Views to another user on the account (e.g. when an employee leaves)

  • Easily add additional licenses to the plan as needed

  • View pending team invitations

  • Check the date a user was last active on

  • Have visibility on all roadmaps across the account and who owns each one.

Only the account administrator can invite users to join a plan. To invite a new user, just visit your Users page. Enter the user’s email address, select what type of permission to give them, and click “Invite to Team”.

When you invite a user to your group, they receive an email notification – once they accept, they are added to your account. As the administrator of a plan, the Users page allows you to modify a user’s license type, transfer roadmaps between users, and delete users.

If you currently have a single license and would like to upgrade to more, you can visit your Add Licenses page to add more licenses at any time.


Professional or Enterprise Team Management

Professional or Enterprise account admins have additional features for further account management.

As a Professional or Enterprise account admin, you will have access to the Security Tab for managing Single Sign On settings.

The Teams tab in Account Settings will allow Professional or Enterprise Admins to assign users into teams for easier sharing and account organization. Learn more about creating teams in your Professional or Enterprise account here.

Another feature included for Professional and Enterprise account admins is the Roadmaps tab, where all roadmaps within the account are listed, along with the name of the Roadmap Owner and last updated column. Additionally, here the account admin will have the ability to share the roadmap to another team member on the account.

Account admins will also have the ability to create up to 5 Custom Fields. Once created, these Custom Fields will be visible on every Editor's roadmaps across the entire account. A Custom Field will be found under the Bar Details Page as a category with a text box as well as in the Table Layout's Planned and Parked section.

You'll also have access to Sharing settings. Here account admins can select whether or not Editors can share their Roadmaps via Private Link. If Single Sign On is enabled for your account, Admins can also limit Editors to sharing private links with SSO users only as well as control what information gets shared.

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