Managing Your Users

Learn how to add new users to your account, individual roadmap, or update a user's license type.

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Adding New Users

Only the account administrator can invite users to join an organizational plan. To invite a new user, visit your Users page. There's a flow when inviting a new user to the plan.

You'll start by clicking the gear icon (Account) and then selecting Users. From here, you'll enter the new user’s email address. You'll then select the desired permission level. This will either be Editor or Viewer. For Professional and Enterprise plans, you can assign new users to teams as you invite them. You'll select the Team and can even apply the Team Admin permission. The final step will be click the blue Invite button.

When you invite a new user to your account, an email notification will be sent. Once the new user accepts, they're added to your account. As the administrator of a plan, the Users page allows you to modify a user’s license type; transfer roadmaps between users, and delete users.

Related to Teams, account admins are able to add and/or revise each user’s team memberships. The Team Admin permission can also be added/revised from the Users page for both active users and pending users.

For those pending invites, account admins will be able to view the date of the last invite sent. The invite date will always display the last date an invite was sent. If an invite is resent, the date will be updated to reflect that.

If you currently have a single license and would like to upgrade to more, you can visit your Add Licenses page to add more licenses at any time.

Adding Editors to an Account vs. Adding Editors to a Roadmap

A team administrator can change a user's license type from Editor to Viewer or vice versa at any time by going to your Account Settings > Users. Select the license type from the drop-down (shown in the screenshot above).

Keep in mind, that updating a user's license type at the account level, will not change their permissions on a specific roadmap. In order for a user to edit a specific roadmap, they will need to be given editing permissions at the roadmap level.


Who can be an Admin?

Both Editors or Viewers can be granted Admin rights. If you assign a Viewer Admin rights, this will not take away an editor license.

Can I have more than one Admin?

For Professional and Enterprise accounts, there can be an unlimited number of Admins.

For Basic accounts, there can only be one Admin.

For information on upgrading to our Professional or Enterprise subscription email us at

How do I give edit permissions for a roadmap to another editor?

Check out our Sharing Your Roadmap article here.

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