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Your Roadmap Taxonomy

Having a clear picture of where your product stands is essential for a successful roadmap

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Your roadmap acts as a visual representation for strategic goals and work. With that in mind, it’s incredibly important to have a well organized setup. You’ll want the information to be presented in a clear, digestible format. The following features will provide the best visuals for your roadmap.

Lanes should represent high level categories. Use Lanes to organize your roadmap by different groups like teams, products or strategic goals

The Legend should help answer the question your primary audience is most interested in knowing. The legend should provide a clear answer as to what you’re trying to communicate. You can use the Legend to represent Strategic Goals, Status, Priority or Phases.

Tags are a more flexible component to the overall taxonomy. With Tags you can easily categorize and filter your roadmap based on custom information. Tags are flexible – you can use them to add details such as product owners, geographic locations or teams.

Admins can create custom dropdown fields from the Account Settings page, Professional and Enterprise Admins have the option to add up to two custom dropdown fields. When created these custom fields will be applied across all roadmaps. This feature will provide your team with further standardization and control over roadmap data organization.

The Portfolio view feature allows teams on our Professional and Enterprise plans to consolidate multiple roadmaps into a single comprehensive view.

Create custom views of your roadmap to organize your roadmap and share with different audiences. Custom views allow you to sort your roadmap by selected Lanes, Legends, tags and custom dropdown fields.

Ensuring that these features are used to their fullest potential will be critical in your ProductPlan roadmapping success!

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