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Launch Management & Connection to Roadmaps
Launch Management & Connection to Roadmaps

Your roadmaps are strategic documents living alongside the execution-oriented launches

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Launch Management is a central place to plan, track and communicate your upcoming launches that live alongside your roadmaps.

Launch Management helps you create a thoughtful launch strategy that your entire team can get behind. With the platform, you’re able to build tailored plans for each launch as you align everyone around what needs to happen and when.

It’s overwhelming to have your roadmap manage launch tasks alongside product ideation. It makes your roadmap noisy and hard to decipher what’s tactical versus strategic. Having your launch plans in Launch Management (and not the roadmap) separates the high-level strategy and the execution nature of a launch. The separate allows for a more ground level view of what needs to be done for a launch to be successful.

Your launch strategy should be connected to your product strategy. Launch Management allows you to seamlessly connect your product roadmap to your launch process. To have a project in Launch Management, there must be a Bar/Container on a roadmap that you have access to. When you connect features on your roadmap to your launch, this provides you with one place to update information. Whether your audience is looking at your launch or roadmap, they see the same description, links, details about the featured Bars and/or Containers.

At the highest level, your launches will be denoted on your roadmap via a launch milestone. This will be pulled directly from the launch date field from the Checklist page.

From a roadmap, you’re able to click into a Bar/Container and see which launch it is part of. You can assign it to a launch from here or Launch Management. If you click the Launch Management rock icon, you will then be taken to the Checklist of that launch.

You’ll start by identifying the appropriate Features (Bars/Containers) on your roadmap related to the proposed launch. When adding your launch to the Dashboard, you’ll select the Feature(s) from your roadmap necessary for launch. This will be typed in one of the required fields.

When accessing your Checklist, there will be a separate component showcasing the related Features. You’ll notice Features in the Launch with the chosen Bars/Containers and a link to the corresponding roadmap, so there’s one place for you to update and people see the same information about the feature whether they are looking at your roadmap or launch management.

The goal here is to allow your product vision to carry from your plan to execution with these two centralized and connected components.

When selecting the bar/container to connect to your launch, you have the option to narrow your search by selecting Bars and Containers or Roadmaps. After selecting one of these options, a multi-select dropdown list will appear. This will include all bars and containers across all roadmaps or by a specific roadmap (if selected). The bar(s) and/or container(s) selected will then be added to your launch checklist after you select Done.

You can set an owner of the launch within this page. By default, the launch creator is the launch owner. The owner can be updated to a different editor or removed altogether. This will help you to identify a point of contact for a specific launch within your organization.

Launch Permissions

Launch permissions are just like those for roadmaps. Launches will be private by default and only accessible to users who receive the launch. Your ProductPlan permission level will determine what you're able to access with a launch. Editors can create new launches; edit any launches they have access to, and delete launches. Viewers are able to view launches shared with them and update the status of any tasks they’ve been assigned in the launch checklist. Account Admins will have full access to all launches.

For more information on Launch Management Components, check out the Dashboard and Checklist articles.

Note: Launch Management is available on Professional, Enterprise and Trial accounts. This feature is not available for export.

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