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Professional and Enterprise Overview
Professional and Enterprise Overview

Our Professional and Enterprise services are designed to help your team utilize ProductPlan and develop better roadmap best practices.

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The Professional and Enterprise plans at ProductPlan are designed for organizations that need to collaborate with teams and have multiple roadmap Editors. With ProductPlan's Professional and Enterprise plans your team gets access to an additional set of features and premium services.

Professional and Enterprise Features & Services

Make signing in to ProductPlan easier for viewers and editors by integrating with your organization’s Single Sign-On method. Support for Active Directory, SAML, and more.

Enforce stronger password combinations required by your organization.

Require that viewers of private links be authenticated by your organization’s Single Sign-On method. Or optionally disable private link access altogether.

Create a consolidated view of multiple roadmaps.

Create a static version of your roadmap for publishing.

Manage and standardize tags across multiple roadmaps and your entire team.

Allow multiple administrators to add users and manage licenses.

Organize users in your account into multiple Teams and share with the right group. Enterprise subscriptions are allowed an unlimited number of teams, while Professional accounts can create up to three different teams.

Create up to five custom fields to appear in your Bar details and Table Layout to help standardize roadmaps across your account.

Create up to five custom dropdown fields to provide more standardization and filtering for your roadmaps.

Share the latest updates on your roadmap in real-time to the rest of your organization using our MS Teams Integration.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your own dedicated Customer Success Manager with knowledge of your company and team. Easy access to a ProductPlan expert to answer questions and give direction on product training.

Ongoing Training for Success (Up to 3)

Regular check-ins via web conferencing with product updates and training on product training. Includes regular business reviews to discuss adoption, usage, and any issues that come up during rollout.

Customized Rollout Plan

Top to bottom support setting up SSO, third party integrations, on-boarding your team, and standardizing roadmap processes. Includes a customized outline of best practices for configuring ProductPlan for your organization.

Enterprise Only Features & Services

In addition to all of the features included with the Professional Plans above, your team will also have access to the following:

Launch Management is a central place to plan, track and communicate your upcoming launches that live alongside your roadmaps.

With idea and opportunity management, product teams will be able to make better decisions more quickly and feel confident about what makes it onto the roadmap.

The Strategy feature enables you to set clear objectives to empower your team and stakeholders, guide decision-making and create trackable measures of success.

Custom Terms of Service 

Optional negotiated changes to the standard ProductPlan Terms of Service.

Payment by Invoice

Optional invoicing terms for the subscription payment (minimums apply).

Unlimited Training for Continued Success

Regular check-ins via web conferencing with product updates and training on product training. Includes regular business reviews to discuss adoption, usage, and any issues that come up during rollout.

Onsite Training

This option is available with an additional fee. 

Prioritized Support Routing

Priority support services via phone, chat, or email (US business hours).

Quarterly Roadmap Check 

A regular strategic discussion designed to maximize the return on your investment to ProductPlan.

For more information or questions on our Professional and Enterprise Plans, please email us at or call us at (805) 618-2975.

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